Teddy Bear Day Shayari

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Teddy Bear Day Shayari

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1.  A Cute Teddy Bear,  To My Cutest Friend,
On A Cute Occasions  Happy Teddy Bear Day!


2. You are Smile of my Lips,  Twinkle of my eyes,
and joy of my face,  Without you I am nothing,
Happy Teddy Bear Day

3. Just…i am Sending a  Sweet Sweet
•Soft Soft•  Lovely Lovely
Cuttie Cuttie•  Teddy Bear for You..

4. A Cute Teddy Bear  To My Hear Beat….
On these Romantic Moments,  Just to Show My Feelings
Love You….Honey…………  HAPPY TEDDY BEAR DAY

5. “मैं bhi tumhara”  “pyara sa भोला सा”
“Teddy bear hu”  “Jaan”


6. “Teddy bear meri jaan”  “ko तंग मत करना”
“jaan ka dhyaan rakhna”  “babu jab bhi hum मिला करे”
“Teddy ko saath lana”☺️  “I love you sooo much”
“Happy Teddy Bear Day”

7. तू मेरी जान हैं..  तू मेरी लव हैं…
तू मेरी शान हैं..  तू मेरा दिल हैं..  और जब भी तुझे मेरी याद सतायें…तो मेरे इस Teddy Bear को गले लगा लेना..


8. Boy: Do U Hug Ur Teddy Bear  While Sleeping At Night??
Girl: Yes!  Boy: Can I Replace It For the Rest Of Ur Life?? ?
Happy Teddy Bear Day


9. The Soft Cuddly Teddy Is There To Show  I Will Always Be There
This You Should Know  Happy Teddy Bear Day

10. Kuch Ehsason Ke Saye Dil Ko Chu Jate Hain,  Kuch Manzar Dil Mein Utar Jate Hain,  Bejan Gulshan Mein Bhi Phool Khil Jate Hain,  Jab Zindagi Mein Aap Jaise Dost Mil Jate Hain.  Happy Teddy Day

Teddy Bear Day Shayari For Girlfriend

1. Bhej Raha hun Teddy Pyaar se,  Rakhna ise Tum Sambhal ke,  Ho mohabbat agar mujhse to bhej dena ek teddy Mujhe bhi pyaar se…  Happy Teddy Day

2. एक प्यारा टेडी बियर मेरा Cutest Friend को
एक Cute Occasions पर… हैप्पी टेडी बियर दिवस !!

3. Meri to zindagi se khelna to sabki aadat ho gayi hai,
Agar hum khilona bankar bikte to aaj kisi ke ho jate.

4. If u r a Chocolate, ur the sweetest,  If u r a Teddy bear, u r the most huggable,
If u r a Star, u r the Brightest,  U r my FRIEND! U r d Best!Happy Teddy Bear Day

5. Fark sirf itna sa hai pyar aur khuda mein..  Ek ki yaad taklif deti hai,
Aur dusre ki yaad taklif me aati hai..  Happy Teddy Day

Teddy Bear Day Shayari For Boyfriend

1. Aaj Teddy Bear ke din Tum Se Wada karta hun
Hamesha Mein tumhare Pass Rahunga
Kabhi dukh na Dun Ga Kabhi Tang Na Krunga
Happy Teddy Bear..With My Deep Love♥

2. A true love is a durable fire,  In the mind ever burning
Never sick, never old, never dead  From itself never turning.
Happy Teddy Bear

3. Zindagi Khel Nai Hain, isse Mat Khelo
Agar Tum Jante Hi Nai Ki isko Jeetna Kaise Hai…
Happy Teddy Day To all

4. Ek Acha Insaan Hamesha Yaad Rehta Hai
Ek Pyara Insaan Hamesha Khwabon mein Rehta Hai
Lekin… Ek Mukhlis Insaan Hameisha Dil Mein Rehta Hai
Happy Teddy Day !!

5. Teri meri dosti ka afsana bhi hai  Isme pyar ka khazana bhi hai
Isliye chahte hain aapse Teddy Bear mangna.  Or aaj to mangne ka bahana bhi hai
Happy Teddy Bear Day.

Teddy Day Shayari for Wife

1. Ajab Dil Ka Haal H0 Raha Hai Mera… Ab Aapse Kya Chpana…. Aajkal Har Teddy K0 Dekh Kar Hum Muskurate Hai… Kaise Bataye Unhe Har Teddy Me Hume Wahi Nazar Aate Hai…..!!! HAPPY TEDDY DAY

2. Mere Teddy K0 Bhut Sambhal Ke Rakhna…. Ye Aapse Bhut Pyaar Karta Hai… Hum H0te Hai Jab Jab Apse Dur… T0 Yahi Aapke Sath H0ta Hai…..!!! HAPPY TEDDY DAY

3. तुम हँसते रहो टेडी बेयर की तरह, मुस्कुराते रहो हमेशा छलकती बेयर की तरह, बस गए हो दिल में किसी डिअर की तरह,

4. Love me Love my Teddy Bear
Kiss me Kiss me my Teddy Bear
Hug me Hug me my Teddy Bear
Happy Teddy Bear Day

5. Teddy bears don’t need hearts
as they are already stuffed with love.
I m ur Teddy with a big heart.

Teddy Day Shayari For Husband

1. A Cute Teddy Bear,
To My Cutest Friend,
On A Cute Occasions
Happy Teddy Bear Day!

2. Mujhe artificial teddy’s ki zaroorat nahi hai cuz mere paas real teddy hai aur woh tum ho
*Happy Teddy Day*

3. “Teddy Teddy”
“unko kahna मैं उन्हें bahut miss”
“Karta Hu”
“Jaldi se mere pass aa jay”
“Happy Teddy Bear Day”

4. A Cute Teddy Bear
To My Hear Beat….
On these Romantic Moments,
Just to Show My Feelings
Love You….Honey…………

5. “Teddy meri sweetheart”
“Ko kahna “मैं अपनी जान”
“को bhout pyar karta hu”
“ek pal bhi uske bina”
“dil nhi lagta”
“Sweetheart tum teddy ko”
“Hmesha अपने पास रखना”

Exclusive Shayari For Teddy Day Online

What is Teddy Day?

The fourth day of the valentine week celebrated on 10th February annually, is called as Teddy Day. On this day the loved ones are supposed to be gifted with stuffed and soft teddy bears to make them feel special and soft.

The story linked with an American President regarding the emergence of the teddy bear as the well-accepted soft toy is well known to us. Since early years in the 20th century, the craze of teddy bears as most huggable toys is grown throughout the world.

Presentation of the teddy bear as a gift for the loved one on the teddy day can be enhanced adding some poetry to it. There are online services that offer Teddy day Shayari. Aspirants can make effective use of Shayari, specially designed for the occasion to impress the recipients.

We can get happy teddy day Shayarionline and use it as an additional personalized note on a greeting card. This greeting and the expressions in the message would be remembered by the recipients for many years.

Expressing the innermost feelings with the aid of most appropriate words can be very impressive. This is a fantastic art. We don’t need to be a ‘spokesperson of foreign affairs ministry’ to be able to use the most relevant words. In fact, we can easily get teddy day shayari in hindi online very conveniently.

Shayari in Hindi would be the best mode to express the affection in easily understandable and artistic way. Poetry makes the expression pretty interesting and thus the recipient would feel happy to receive the teddy bear. The cute gift would be felt much better when added with some touching words. The exclusive online service for shayari, quotes, and SMS makes it easy to find the most appropriate way for the special occasion of teddy day.

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